How to Commit Changes and Create Docker Images

Commit Changes to Docker

To create a new image from changes to a container, it’s a simple as running just one command. Before we do so, however, let’s change the container!

Within this container we are free to do anything we would typically do on Fedora. In this case, we’re going to install Gitand then commit the container.

Once you’ve completed those instructions you can disconnect, or detach, from the shell without exiting use the escape sequence Ctrl-p + Ctrl-q.

Finally it’s time to commit our changes to a named image. This command converts the container 9c09acd48a25 to an image with the name fedora-base-with-git:

docker commit 9c09acd48a25 fedora-base-with-git

Docker uses the “commits are cheap” concept in its design. You’re encouraged to commit frequently and at any point in an image’s history, much like version control.

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