Change an Account Package in WHM

In this article we will cover the process of upgrading and downgrading a cPanel account in WHM. This can be an important feature when you need varying predefined resource limits for your accounts. When reselling hosting this is especially useful as it can be common for clients to need their resource quotas adjusted as their business and site grows in popularity.

Upgrading and Downgrading an Account

For both upgrading and downgrading an account you will start the process the same way. You can get to this function through a few methods however we will use the ‘List Account’ page. To begin:

  • Login to WHM on your server and once open, type ‘list’ into the search box(a), this will sort the menu options for you. Then find and click “List Accounts”(b).
  • Now on the list account page, filter the results and find the account you’d like to adjust. Click the ‘[+]’ button to select the account.


  • With the account function area expanded click the “Change Plan” button.
  • Using the list on the page, select the package you’d like to change the account to. Then click the “Upgrade/Downgrade” button.

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